St. Anne's Guild

St. Anne, Leonardo Davinci
St. Anne with Mary and Jesus
Leonardo Da Vinci
Saint Anne of David's house and line, was the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus Christ according to Christian and Islamic tradition. English Anne is derived from Greek rendering of her Hebrew name Hannah. Mary's mother is not named in the canonical gospels or the Qur'an.

The Saint Anne's Guild of the Episcopal Church in Lincoln County is an active group of women who contribute in many ways to parish life. Their chief fund raising event is Christmas in July, a sale taking place in July each year. The guild meets regularly at Church of the Holy mount.

Christmas in July Sale
The Boutique
Christmas in July Helpers
Carol, Pat, and Maggie



Membership in St. Anne's guild is informal. All Women in the Episcopal Church in Lincoln County are members.

Josie Powell
Josie Powell, President